Montage for meetings is a Wireless Presentation Software designed to help you to make the most of your meetings by removing time wasted messing with cables, passing screens and wondering if everyone can connect.

  • Wireless presentation

  • Video conferencing using WebRTC

  • 2 Way annotation

  • Airplay, Miracast, Windows, browser connectivity

  • In app file-sharing

  • Back control of connecting PCs

Download Montage
For receiver

Windows PC
Android devices (With QCOM/Exynos/Intel)
For Android (Other Android devices)
For iOS

Wireless Presentation System for Efficient & Effective Meetings – No Matter Where You Are

Wireless presentation and two-way collaboration that works inside and outside of the meeting room.

Connect with Any Device

Up to 6 meeting attendees can join with a session on any device via a Windows app, Web Browser, Chromebook, Android or AirPlay.

In App Video and Voice

Reduce unnecessary travel. Use your device’s microphone and webcam to talk live with other meeting attendees.

Attendee Configuration

Use touch control on TRUTOUCH X series to rearrange and reorder how attendee’s screens are displayed.

Instant Whiteboarding

The in-app whiteboard can help users quickly sketch ideas, annotate and brainstorm then share it with their team.

Share your Screen to the Meeting Room Display

Any attendee can present what’s on their screen to the main meeting room display with one touch. No more dongles or permissions.

Content Sharing

Capture what’s on the main meeting room display and send it as an image to every attendee or share files from device to device.

Remote PC Control

Present wirelessly from your device or take control of your Windows PC right from the TRUTOUCH X series display.

Enterprise Grade Security

Data communicated over TLS and DTLS, protected with asymmetric cryptography at 2048 bit with a 256-bit symmetric session key.