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Bring The Huddle Room To A Higher Level

Newline Interactive products are the choice for those in need of a simple solution to increase productivity, improve efficiency, and achieve success. Following this core value, Newline Interactive has reviled a perfect match to the Huddle Room solution, the latest new light-weighted 55” TRUTOUCH interactive touch panel.

What’s a Huddle Room?

The huddle room is a small meeting form for three or four people. This place is generally used for spontaneous meetings of projects or information sessions. It is a hub for collaborating, brainstorming, presenting, and problem solving which doesn’t require a formal booking of a conference room and is based on first come first serve.

The new Newline 55” TRUTOUCH interactive touch panel has been designed to bring a Huddle Room to a higher level.

Instant Whiteboard

No need to connect to laptops or PCs, the built-in Android system with basic interactive whiteboard functions has offered the instant whiteboard to write and share ideas.


Nor more writing on dirty whiteboards. Viewers no longer need to struggle to read information through existing text and presenters no longer have problems erasing confidential information from a board. With the Newline 55” TRUTOUCH interactive touch panel, erase data easily and leave a clean clear screen every time.

Save and Share

No more writing on the traditional flip charts and trying to re-type the information/message into laptops/PCs and send the e-mail to meeting attendees afterwards. Newline TRUTOUCH interactive touch panels offer the functions of saving the images of meeting notes directly into a USB thumb driver or sending the saved meeting notes via e-mails through the built-in wifi.

Flexible and Simple Installation

The light weight 32 kgs 55 inches Newline TRUOTUCH interactive touch display offers the flexibility of the fixed installation on the wall of a Huddle Room or installation on a free stand mobile bracket for easy manoeuvre between meeting rooms. The compellable design with slot-in Intel OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) simplifies the device installation which delays the benefits of Newline TRUTOUCH from a touch panel to an All-in-One solution.

About Newline Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Newline Interactive is a leading supplier of interactive touch screens and innovative software that increase productivity and enable collaboration. Newline Interactive develops products that help organizations in a wide range of vertical markets including financial services, education, healthcare, law enforcement, manufacturing, municipalities, and legal services.

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