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Dec. 2, 2015- Approaches in Europe- good news brought from Newline Interactive Europe. Start from ISE 2015, Newline Interactive has presented the easy-to-use solution TRUTOUCH series to European market and gain positive response. After months of discussion we have eventually finalized our authorized Newline regional partner. “ Our products bring innovation to touch display,” said George, Newline Interactive Europe’s general manager. ” Newline TRUTOUCH and our software IdeaMax solution enable users to increase the productivity in an easiest way. We don’t just make products simply with the highest specifications, but the products with useful tools that do help.”

Newline Interactive is dedicated to providing solutions that not just for customers’ needs but beyond the expectations. Early in September, Newline Interactive cooperates with partner to introduce TRUTOUCH to Germany. TRUTOUCH X series to be highlighted, the collaboration hub designed for unified communication and collaboration. The idea of X series is to integrate all necessary devices into one all-in-one display. Users can interact and collaborate the way they want with ease. Read more: TRUTOUCH.

Newline solutions are available for purchase now from our authorized distributors in Germany, Italy, Spain, Estonia Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. Find us in Europe.

About Newline
Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Newline Interactive is a leading supplier of interactive touch screens and innovative software that increase productivity and enable collaboration. Newline Interactive develops products that help organizations in a wide range of vertical markets including financial services, education, healthcare, law enforcement, manufacturing, municipalities, and legal services.

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