Connecting you to your customers

It’s not always easy to keep customers happy, no matter how passionate you are about your product. Newline Interactive gives you the tools you need to provide a better experience to turn first-time customers into returning customers.

Technology is making it tougher to engage with customers. They expect to see the latest technology wherever they go, and want you to use that technology to make their experiences better. Newline Interactive gives you the tools to engage with customers on impressive touch screens and through software that shows them more ways to interact with your company.

Customers are constantly inundated with a lot of information and often, get confused. Give them streamlined messages and clear information with IdeaMax software that puts all the tools you need in one place. Ensure all your customers see the same message and help them avoid confusion when dealing with your brand.

Digital signage is becoming more and more prevalent. In malls, stores, arenas, theaters and more, consumers rely on digital information to engage them and show them what they want. Newline displays don’t just showcase information clearly, but give customers the chance to discover a whole new experience with your brand.

Newline Interactive is easy to use, so your customers will know exactly how to use your tools and what you can do for them.
We give you the chance to reach new and old customers on a whole new level.